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Quality Produce and Home Cooked Food in our Butcher's Shop and Restaurant

The Tree Stone

The Tree Stone, New Malden, is a restaurant and butcher’s shop that puts quality produce and honest home cooking at the heart of everything we do.

From our central premises located in the heart of town, The Tree Stone is run by our family for the benefit of yours, bringing you a delicious shopping and dining experience that will be right up your High Street.

Our guiding principles are simple; we believe in fresh, natural food, simply prepared, honestly priced and delivered to you with a smile.

Butcher & Restaurant



Under the same roof as the restaurant is our butcher’s shop, the newest and best local butcher in town.

    From humble beginnings, our famous Korean butcher’s shop has grown into a thriving family business that has been built on our promise of simply supplying the finest quality meat. All our produce is delivered fresh every single day from the local markets and we only select the best produce from reputable British and Irish farmers.

    Whether you’re looking for some tasty sausages for Tuesday night’s tea, a nice roasting joint for Sunday lunch or want something a little more upmarket for that special occasion, our highly skilled butchers will make sure you get the quality cut you’re looking for at a price you can’t grumble at.



Next door to our butcher’s shop, and perfectly placed for a spot of brunch, is our homely restaurant.

    For years, our family has been dining like kings on the top-quality meat provided by our family’s butcher’s stall. Cooked with love to the recipes of our grandparents, handed down through the generations and embellished with modern touches, this homely food has provided the backdrop to family life.

    And now we want to share our Korean family’s love of food with you and yours. Our restaurant will offer good honest food, prepared daily on the premises and cooked in our kitchen with love. Whether you’re just popping in for a spot of brunch or treating yourself for a special occasion, you’d have to go a long way to find simple yet delicious home cooked food like ours.

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