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Quality & Expertise

The Tree Stone butcher’s shop offers you an exceptional traditional butcher right on your door step. We fuse top quality meat with professional expertise to bring you the best cuts of fresh meat at affordable prices.

From humble beginnings, The Tree Stone has grown over the last few years, from a small market stall to one of the most thriving butcher’s shops in London, thanks to good honest hard work. Now one of the most respected and successful Korean butchers in the city, The Tree Stone has decided to transfer our expertise from the world of the daily markets to the high street, bringing our own particular brand of quality to our everyday consumers.

Today, the food we put on our plates matters more than it ever has. With the issues of globalisation, the environment and our health impacting more and more on the food chain, we’re naturally more concerned about the food we feed our family. At The Tree Stone, we care about where your food comes from just as much as you do. We believe in buying local where we can and in supporting local farmers, which is why the majority of our meat comes from British or Irish farms.

We also care about animal welfare, and about getting the meat to you fresh every day. All our produce is farmed to exceptionally high British and European standards, so that you can have faith in the quality of the product you are consuming. And as it’s produced locally and delivered fresh to the store each morning, you can rest assured that it hasn’t travelled half way around the world before finding its way to your plate.

It’s not just the provenance of our meat that matters though. Here at The Tree Stone, we pride ourselves most on the expert butchery skills of our team. All our butchers are trained to the highest industry standards and have the practical experience required to deliver you the choicest cuts of meat. Plus, as all our meat is prepared especially for you, right at the meat counter, you can get it exactly the way you want it. Any dietary requirements, just ask our staff and they’ll be happy to oblige.

So, whether you’re looking for a pair of juicy steaks with no fat for a romantic evening for two, would like a really special roasting joint for that big family occasion, The Tree Stone New Malden can supply exactly what you want, exactly the way you want.

Why not pop along to see for yourself, or use the Contact Us Page to ask us any questions you may have about the meaty taste sensation awaiting you?

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